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Aloha Boxed Hawai'i

Good Morning Maui

Begin your day with Maui Coffee grown on the sunny slopes of the West Maui Mountains since 1981.  Maui Coffee beans absorb the fresh mountain streams producing exceptionally smooth, well-balanced flavor.

For our tea lovers, steep the Kai Green & White Tea (caffeinated) or Maui Mamaki Herbal Tea (decaffeinated) using the complimentary tea infusing ball to assure you produce the tea’s full flavors.

Coffee or tea paired with a box of vanilla shortbread, featuring Maui Fruit Jewels’ signature Hawaiian grown fruit jellies, is a sweet way to start your day! Finally, savor your beverage in one of our limited and one of a kind ceramic cups, molded by a local Maui artist as part of her daily meditation. 

Espresso / Tea / Sake Ceramic Cups, 2
Māmaki Herbal Tea, Organic, Caffeine-Free; Infuser Ball Included
Maui Blend Coffee
Organic Hawaiian Honey
Shortbread with Hawaiian Fruits

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