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CocoNoni | Maui

CocoNoni Healing Salve


CocoNoni is made from the Sacred Noni Leaf, virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, and cosmetic grade beeswax from sustainably farmed bees.  CocoNoni, a  pain reliever, antiseptic wound healer and burn skin regeneration is made exclusively in small batches using organic and whole ingredients at their peak freshness. 

CocoNoni healing salve should be a staple in your first aid kit.

It can be used to treat many ailments including, but not limited to:

  • acne
  • arthritis
  • bee stings
  • burns
  • chronic pain

    CocoNoni, made on Maui, embodies a modern version of traditional Native Hawaiian medicinal practices in treating ailments. Our Sacred Salve and Anointing Oil begins with the sacred Noni leaf from select trees. We ask permission of the Kapuna before picking and pray for healing. We select a variety of leaves used for different purposes and we pick on or after the full (Hoku)  Moon or other astrological alignments. It is fresh, local, organic and whole.