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Sea Salts of Hawaii | Kona, Hawaii

Uahi Black Hawaiian Sea Salt

Hawaiian Black Sea Salt Blend made from mineral-rich solar-evaporated Molokai sea salt and activated coconut-shell charcoal.

Uahi is Hawaiian for the dark black smoke that rises from the coconut shell charcoal that gives the salt its distinct color and antioxidant qualities.

This activated charcoal contains naturally occurring trace minerals and electrolytes. It is known for its detoxifying effects and its digestive qualities. Uahi's dramatic color and rich unique flavor comes from this coconut charcoal. Black salt makes for a dramatic finish on many fresh foods and salads.


    • 4.5oz. Tin
    • Ingredients Natural Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal
    • 100% Hawaiian Gourmet Sea Salt 

The gift of salt symbolizes the intention to nourish and solidify a relationship, today and tomorrow.

Hawaiian Sea Salt is the coming together of two of the things we love best about Hawaii, the Sea and the Sun.  Sea salts of Hawaii is harvested from salt farms on the tiny island of Molokai and from ancient deep-sea waters off the Kona coast on the Island of Hawaii making their sources as unaffected by human influences as possible.
Hawaiian Sea Salt has a unique combination of taste, mineral content and naturally contains magnesium and potassium which help maintain your body’s electrolyte levels. Traditionally Hawaiian Sea Salt was used in ceremonial blessing of outgoing canoes and tools and to preserve abundant catches. It was one of the first items exchanged between Hawaiians and early traders and even today, a gift of salt is considered a symbol of good luck and blessing.