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Welcome to Aloha Boxed Hawaii

At Aloha Boxed Hawaii, we believe gifting is an art form.  It’s our joy to create gorgeous gifts and thoughtful welcome packages. Our mission is to give you a stress-free, fun, gift giving experience at your fingertips! 
Our Aloha Boxes are carefully packaged with locally crafted, high quality, Hawaiian artisan products and come in two options: Ready-to-Ship or Build-a-Box.
Looking for gifts for weddings, corporate events, or group outings? Send a gift of Aloha to friends and family, or treat yourself to a custom box. We offer several themed Aloha Boxes customized to fit any occasion.

Aloha Boxed Hawai‘i is a gathering of our like-minded creative ‘Ohana, working as a community to support one another and help share the Aloha to those who love and miss Hawai‘i. 


BW Hawaiian Islands Chain - Hawaiian Artisans
Hawaii is home to some of the most talented and eclectic artists on the planet!  
Aloha Boxed Hawaii is a showcase of these brilliant designers and creators!


Our sister company, Maverick Events, is a premier Event Design company in Maui, Hawai‘i. For over 14 years our work has connected us to visitors, locals and creative partners from all over the world.  We have been fortunate to celebrate thousands of special occasions here in Hawai‘i and everyone we have had the pleasure to work with we consider ‘Ohana (family) to this very day. 

It has been our mission to always share with others Hawai‘i’s most precious resource, Aloha.  

We find ourselves in what has become the “new normal” here in Hawaii. The business landscape has drastically changed due to Covid-19 and traveling to Hawaii has not been an option for many at this point. We decided to pivot during these uncertain times and have created a gift concept that enables us to keep spreading our message of Aloha to others, as well as support our local community and economy. It’s called Aloha Boxed Hawai‘i.

Gift giving can be a meaningful form of connection. During these times people aren’t able to interact in-person as often. One easy and meaningful way to remain connected and show one another support during stressful times is to send a care package. 

Thank you for being part of our growing ‘Ohana, and spreading the message of aloha… one box at a time.

Hawaiian Artisans - Honu Sea Turtle on Hookipa Beach Maui Hawaii