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Maverick Events | Maui, HI

Tiki Classic Mug


This classic tiki mug is perfect for livening up your signature tiki cocktails menu!

  • Guests love the fun element of the creative presentation to their cocktail. They'll share the fun with friends... spreading the Aloha around town.
  • This cocktail mug is a unique way to bring enjoyment to your party.
  • Create specific cocktails for each tiki mug, and let your guest keep the mug!

If you are someone who loves an artistically crafted cocktail, then this tiki mug is a great addition to your drinkware collection. 


    • This Happy Tiki stands 6” tall with a 3” base
    • Our Money Tiki stands 7" tall with a 2.5" base
    • They will hold up to 18 & 13 fl. oz. of your favorite frozen concoction

*Don't forget to pair this tiki mug up with another great tiki-themed accessories such as our bamboo cocktail straws 😉

Whether you're sitting on a sunny beach sun somewhere in Hawaii, or you're chillin' with friends poolside, themed ceramic Tiki Mugs will certainly add to the mood.