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Aloha Fresh Macadamias | Kauai

Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts


These nuts are truly one of the most delicious nuts in the world!  Enjoy the wonderful flavors of the three choices, roasted using high-quality Hawaiian Sea Salt, Lightly Roasted or Honey Salt. These flavors are very versatile, pairing well with salads, trail mixes, and more. Try them on top of ice cream! Yum!

A classic for a reason!  Hawaiian macadamias are divine! 
Eat them plain or incorporate them into your menu. 

Ingredients: Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts, Hawaiian Sea Salt, Organic Agave Nectar | Net Wt. 2.5 oz

Aloha Fresh Macadamias began in 2011 with a vision of sustainability for Hawaii. They love utilizing the natural abundance of the Hawaiian Islands and they feel blessed to be able to support their family in this way.

Their macadamias are prepared by hand on the beautiful island of Kauai. Small batches are carefully seasoned with natural and wholesome ingredients from local and/or certified organic sources. Their high-quality nuts are grown without pesticides on the Big Island of Hawaii and processed using sustainable energy.

We know you will fall in love with the quality and freshness of Aloha Fresh Macadamia Nuts.