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Pono Infusions | Maui, HI

Lani Organic Hibiscus & Citrus Tea (Caffeine Free)

Lani means sky or heaven in Hawaiian. We capture the essence of Lani as a crisp, bright herb tea infusion of fruity citrus and tangy hibiscus notes, evoking the sensation of sun, sky, wind, and clouds sweeping over the Hawaiian Islands. Made from certified organic ingredients, Lani is a perfect way to invigorate and energize your senses without caffeine.

Ingredients: Hibiscus Petals*, Lemongrass*, Lemon Verbena*, Lemon Peel*.    *certified organic

For maximum Aloha:

  • Scoop one heaping teaspoon (1.5g) of Lani into a tea strainer or sachet.
  • Pour 8-fl oz of hot water into a teacup to steep at 170-185 ° F (76-82 ° C). Allow Lani to infuse for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Makes 14 eight fl.oz. cups per package.
  • Stainless Steel Tea Infuser INCLUDED

PONOinfusions was created by Alex and Andrea de Roode, a duo of tea drinkers devoted to the health and vitality of the people, plants, and animals of Hawaiʻi.  Their brand reflects their commitment to doing what is “pono” (right) for Hawaiʻi, as well as for the welfare of our planet as a whole.  As PONOinfusions, they broker loose leaf teas, bagged hot and iced teas, and custom-blended infusions using certified organic and fair trade teas, herbs, flowers, and spices that both showcase and give back to the Hawaiian Islands we love. 

In alignment with their mission to do what is pono, they source and deliver only the purest and highest quality teas and herbal infusions to their customers. The ingredients are organic and (whenever possible) fair trade. This ensures that the infusions are produced using sustainable agricultural and processing practices, and that the communities and people involved in our supply chain are fairly compensated and treated with dignity and respect. 

We hope that we inspire you to strive to do what is pono in every aspect of your life.