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Bella Vita Apothecary | Maui, HI

Maui Floral Bath Salts


Indulge and pamper yourself with 100% Natural Floral bath salts. A luxurious blend of Organic dried flowers and herbs infused with Epsom salts, pink Himalayan sea salt, and Hawaiian sea salt to relieve tired and achy muscles. Let our Blissful aromas take you away…

  • Coconut Bliss  Relax & Unwind- Coconut with a touch of lavender accompanied by lavender buds and jasmine flowers.  MANTRA: I let go, I release, I surrender 
  • The Relaxing Blend  Relax & Dream- Lavender and chamomile with a touch of cedarwood accompanied by lavender buds, chamomile flowers and calendula petals. MANTRA: I let go, I release, I am free
  • Pineapple Rose  Relax & Love- Maui pineapple and soft rose accompanied by pink rose petals and calendula petals.  MANTRA: I let go, I am open, I am loved
  • Pink Plumeria  Relax & Love- Pink Plumeria with a touch of lavender accompanied by rose petals and lavender buds. MANTRA: I let go, I am open, I am loved


    • 8oz. Test Tube with Cork
    • Ingredients:  Epsom salts, pink Himalayan sea salt, Hawaiian sea salt, dried flowers and herbs, fragrance
All of our products are
organic | gluten-free | cruelty-free | vegan 
Free of
palm oil | synthetic fragrance | dyes | colors
Founder, Karli Rose has made it her focus over the course of her 22 year salon/spa career, to bring the absolute best, highest quality, and cleanest organic professional products to her clients. We utilize only the highest quality ingredients which include organic butters, oils, herbs, flowers, organic botanical extracts, organic teas and organic essential oils to infuse and layer creative and delicious, skin loving products and all natural aromas.