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Maui Sugar Babe | Maui, HI

Maui Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub


Just in time for the dry skin of winter, we bring you a Maui local, tropical body scrub to help ease you through this season and beyond.

With the fruit from the beautiful hillside of Waihe’e Maui, where abundant rain and sunshine have created rich soil, Maui Sugar Babe creator Satoko Takahashi has developed an exfoliating body scrub to keep your skin moisturized without residue all day long!

Using mostly her backyard lilikoi (passion fruit), limes, mangoes and herbs, Satoko’s secret fermenting process creates an enzyme juice which helps break down the Keratin Protein found in dead skin cells. This used enzyme juice also maximizes the fruit aroma and extends shelf life.

This natural exfoliating product is perfect for people with dry sensitive skin. The body scrub is 100% natural with no chemicals or artificial fragrances or colors added. The sweet tropical aroma is all from real fruits!

  • Soften hard skin on heels, knees and elbows
  • Moisturize after shaving
  • Moisturize dry flaky skin on shins or lower arms
  • Moisturize dry skin on chest and neck line
  • Soothe irritation from ingrown hair 
  • Clean pores on face