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Maverick Events | Maui, HI

Microfiber Beach Towel

Vibrant BLUE
Electric GREEN

Times of lugging around bulky, cumbersome, heavy, wet towels are gone... 

Portable | Lightweight | Quick-Dry | Absorbent | Soft

Our Super Absorbent & Fast Drying microfiber towels dry three times faster than normal cotton towels.  Convenient to carry & ultra-compact!  With a well-designed reusable zip EVA case, our microfiber travel towel takes up little room making it perfect for travel, camping, backpacking, gym, sports, swimming, or any activity you want limited items.

Soft and Comfortable – Made of 80% polyester, 20% polyamide with an advanced softening process, thinner than silk, gentle on the face, hair, and skin.

Choose from 2 exciting colors:

  • Vibrant Blue
  • Electric Green
    • Towel Size: 28in. X 55in. (Large);  Case Size: 8in. x 3in.
    • 85% polyester & 15% polyamide material
    • Both Polyamide and Polyester synthetic fibers are very durable and abrasion-resistant and are designed to absorb but not retain moisture and thus are good for moisture transport to move moisture away from the body.
    • 100% natural plant dyeing
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