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Big Island Bees | Big Island, HI

Organic Hawaiian Honey


Every jar is filled with pure, raw, unfiltered Hawaiian honey that comes straight from hives on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

All honey is produced artisanally and organically without the use of artificial feeds, chemical pesticides, heat, or filtration. Only organic compounds are used to care for the bees. Each honey variety comes from a single source of nectar visited by the bees at various locations on the island at different times of the year. The distinct properties of each flower give the honey varieties their unique flavor.

  • Ohia Lehua   One of the world's rarest honey, organic Ohia Lehua honey(also known as Lehua honey) is found only in Hawaii and is produced in late spring and early summer from Lehua blossoms in the Ohi'a forests of Mauna Loa. It is a white, crystallized honey, with a naturally thick, spreadable texture, and a delicate, understated floral flavor. Ideal for tea drinkers, since it doesn't mask the tea's taste. Excellent for spreading on toast, mixing with nut butters, and scooping directly from the jar, too!
  • Macadamia Nut Blossom  Macadamia Nut honey is a premium, dark honey produced in the winter and early spring from the MacNutt orchards on the Southeast part of the island. With hints of chocolate, a deep complex aroma, and a soft, velvety texture, it is the one to reach for when you want something sweet on pancakes and waffles, or a fruit salad.
  • Wilelaiki  Our most versatile honey, organic Wilelaiki Blossom, is collected in the late summer and autumn from Christmas berry trees on the lower elevations of the leeward side of the island. The tree, originally introduced to Hawaii from Brazil, produces honey with a brilliant amber sparkle and a peppery finish. Wilelaiki combines wonderfully with cheeses, vegetables, and meats. This is a gift for a gourmet.


    • 1oz. mini glass honey jars with a beautifully illustrated blossom by noted artist Dugald Stermer adorning the top of each jar; each illustration representing the unique flower blossom of each of our single floral Hawaiian honey varieties.



Hippocrates favored honey as a medicine. The Mayans had a special god for beekeeping. The ancient Egyptians reserved honey for the wealthy. The Norse god Odin attributed his strength and wisdom to the mystical powers of honey. Early Christians saw the honeybee as a symbol of purity. And many cultures, including Celts, Slavs, and Jews thought of honey as a food for the gods, while mead (honey wine) was a favored drink of mortals.

Jim Powers, stubborn, proud, cantankerous, and one of the largest producers of honey in the United States, decided the Island of Hawaii was perfect for making honey and starting his eighth and last honey operation. It was a long way from Hahira, Georgia, and his bees wouldn't be able to go with him. But Jim believed it was a tremendous opportunity, and he was intent on making the trip. It was 1972. Jim's step-son, Garnett Puett, took over the Hawaiian operation in 1987 and became the fourth generation of his family to make beekeeping his livelihood.  The experience gleaned from prior generations emphasized the important relationship between the environment and the bees’ well being. While maintaining our artisanal standards, the business and hives continued to flourish and grow, resulting in hundreds-of-thousands of pounds of uniquely Hawaiian honey.