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Sigueceramics | Maui, HI

Espresso | Tea | Sake Ceramic Cups


These artisan cups are perfect for espresso, tea or sake. They will bring a delightful touch to your morning, afternoon or evening beverage.

Handmade, wheel-thrown, white grolleg porcelain fired to 2232°F/1222°C in an electric kiln.

Joyce Chin, an emerging Maui artist, finds solace in the process of creating each individual cup with the self-care and intention she applies to all her work. Guided by the minimalist, contemporary aesthetics of Japan and Scandinavia, Joyce is interested in the interplay of surface and texture.  

Words Joyce likes to associate with her work: celebration, ceremony, self-care, intention.

Gold accents are hand-painted 22K gold

Food safe    Hand-wash only   Not microwave safe due to its 22K gold accents  Cups may differ in size and shape due to handmade nature

Individual size variations: 1.75"-2"

"I have been a photographer since the mid-80’s and took a ceramics course in 1992. I wasn’t great at wheel-throwing, but it interested me because it was a different way of creating. Life and work took a front seat, so I didn’t return to ceramics until 2016. The Ceramics Studio at the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center became my refuge and second home. I have spent thousands of hours honing my technical skills and learning everything I can about glaze chemistry. Ceramics and ceramic design has become my form of daily meditation."